I am writing on the base students.nowdays students have learnt a lot to cheat.they hink that by doing this they will score good marks in the exams.they may be caught and given a big zero.this can result in the failin of exams.when the studrnt will grow up and gets a jod then also the studemt will not get any promotion as he student has always cheated and never learned to do boys and girls stop coping with loss.
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Coping with loss is something like compensation for doing something wrong.. or more like remedying the wrong.. loss is something that everyone experiences in some point of life , and we mustn't lose all hope on one loss.. we must always have the enthusiasm to cope up with it and bounce back with more zeal. that's how we can show the world that a single loss won't affect us at all!! let this be your basic idea for the short article..
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