keeping pets is right because:-

1) if they roam on the road a veichle may come & hit them.

2) if we keep them at home then we can teach them how to behave and they will not hit and bite anybody.

3) dogs guard our homes

there is both right and wrong,
keeping pets is right because some pets like dogs help in gaurding the house, they are also affectionate and even scientists have proved that the friendliness provided by dogs help people in curing certain diseases.
keeping pets are wrong because they make the house dirty by bringing waste, they sometimes even bring alive creatures like snakes inside the house, some people are allergic to pets so they will be affected by wheezing, cough, sneezing etc. Hope This Helps.
Definiyely we should keep a pet in our house.they are very trustful and not like the people who are always ready to break trust.they make us feel safe.there is also a proverb that dogs are man's best friend.hey never leave our side and tries heir best to help us to do all the work.over all we can say that it makes us feel the happiest person in the world.
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