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I can't say enough about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle; there are so many "little things" we can do to improve our health and at the same time boost our self esteem from the results we achieve by following a health and beauty routine. By having a balanced diet for example,: rich in fruits,nuts,veggies,whole grains and fish we will protect ourselves against heart disease and there is a beauty payoff: smother, younger looking skin thanks to "The Omega-3 fatty acids" in fish, nuts and vegetables. We can not forget about exercising regularly, we can walk around the block, chase after our kids, jump rope, anything your busy life permits you, it's great to be able to go to the gym but it's ok not to if we have alternatives. All it takes it's 30 minutes of heart pumping activity three times a week, exercise it's important for your body and your skin because it boost you blood flow creating an effect in all the capillaries in your body. Let's not forget to wear sunscreen to protect our face and body, we need to make this part of our daily health and beauty routine, there are tousands of good products in the market that we can choose according to our needs. Another important issue is "good posture" this will help to distribute our weight evenly, reducing stress in our joints and muscles,we will feel less achy and look and feel better. These are simple "little things" that we can do everyday, if we make them a daily habit, pretty soon we will feel the results and see the results and that is a great "little thing".