It is possible to identify wisdom in short statements but they will just depict a part of truth, as wisdom in the concept very dual. So, wisdom involves seeing things as they are, seeing the essence not through the frame of reference; seeing and understanding deeply human and cosmic situation; knowing when and where to act and where not to act- perfect adjustment to the situation; ability to see and foresee different problems and avoid is an impression that wisdom is a kind of perfect thing, and wise person never makes mistakes and never has any problems. It is just an illusion. A person in called wise actually for that he assumes that there is no any problem in which a gift in not posted; and a person calls for them as he really needs those gifts for further development.
Humour and wisdom is one of  those great combinations -kind of like peanut butter and  chocolate .they do well work together .the same way when  people laugh they relax and open up . they are more receptive . humour allows for  juxtaposition .people are more likely to accept anyones insight and sage like wisdom if you can laugh at yourself . few things get people to drop their guard more than humour.