Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends.
I am glad to have got the opportunity to express my views and ideas on Modern gadgets have made us slaves of machines. 
Nowadays the technology is so advanced and developed that for even a every minute work that we know we can do it by our brain but because of the modern gadgets everything has changed. We people and even the small kids have stopped using their brain, which is supposed to know a  lot of things more then even what the gadget knows.
I fear whether within a few days even for writing or listening to the teacher or for even sitting down in a place the gadgets will be there. Then their is no meaning of our existence at all. We are like an alive dead person. If that happens then i guess all humans will no more exist only gadgets, gasdegt and gadgets in any place.

Thank you.....!!!!
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Yours, Jahnavi.