The rains are welcomed by all, young and old alike, especially in the summer season. They provide respite from the scorching heat of the sun. They give a new look to the trees and plants. They give a boost to the agricultural production. When the rainy season sets in, peacocks dance with joy. The poets compose hymns in praise of the beauty of this season.The rains are the backbone of our agricultural economy. The farmers in our country welcome them. The prosperity of our fanners depends greatly upon them. If the rains are adequate, we have a good crop and if they are scanty, droughts and famines affect some parts of our country. If there are excess rains, floods cause havoc. Thus, the rains are a blessing but sometimes they also prove to be a curse and they cause floods if the rains are late, people offer prayers and perform ‘Yajnas’ to please the rain god, Lord Indra.It was a warm day in June this year. People were fed up with a long spell of heat. I had just finished my breakfast and was about to leave for school when I saw clouds rising in the east. Soon the whole sky was overcast with dark and thick clouds. A cool breeze started blowing.Children came out on the streets in large numbers to enjoy themselves and to play. Some children made paper boats and floated them in the water. Others had a bath in rain-water. It gave them respite from the heat. They also splashed rain-water on each other.