1. Parts of the Flower :
1. Sepals : Protect the flower during the bud stage.

2. Petals : Attracts insects pollinators by color and scent.

3. Anthers : Produce and release pollen grains.

4. Filament : Positions the anther for effective pickup of pollen by the pollinating agent.

5. Stigma : Collect the pollen from the pollinating agent.

6. Style : Positions the stigma for pollen collection.

7. Ovaries : Site of fertilisation, protects the developing seeds, aids in seed dispersal.

2. Parts of the Eye ball
1. Retina : Layer of tissue on the back portion of the eye that contains cell responsive to light.

2. Pupil : Hole in the center of the eye where light passes through.

3. Cornea : Incoming light rays are initially refracted (bent) by the cornea.

4. Iris : The ring of muscles in the iris controls the pupil's size to allow in more or less light.

5. Lens : A convex lens that provide fine focusing of light rays.

6. Optic nerve : Nerve that signals travel from our eye to brain on the optic nerve.

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