Your Friend Is Good At English , History And Geography. However, His Parents Feel He Should Continue To Pursue Science And Become A Doctor, Even Though He Is Not Very Good At Science. Discuss With Ur PartnerWhat Ur Friend Can Do To Convince His Parents And What Career Options He Could Pursue



A career option in opinion is something which a person must select by his / herself. no one should force us or even we should not think that my friend is leaving me and going away and take up  the course for that friend even though you are not interested in it really.

If my friend (janu) is suppose facing this problem. Firstly she should be able to tell or explain her parents, i.e, she does not like science and if she can, she can ask even this question and give here parents time to think. "Did your parents too force you to take up a subject of their interest or of your favorite  subject, if they forced you the must have cried when they weren't seeing maybe that would be my situation now or to simply end life. i don't seem to have any choice." just say this and please please never implement it. I said that cause no parent would like their hare to die because of them. 

If they do not yet listen or try to understand or even if she cannot tell her parents what she feels. She along with her friends can arrange for a meeting in their house so as to explain her situation and problem. This actually should not be the first step because parents usually do not like a 3rd person being involved any matter of their child and future.

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