I'm giving you some of the questions
1) Evaluate Helen Keller's THE STORY OF MY LIFE as an autobiography, describing the struggles and achievements of her life.
2) Describe Helen Keller's early life before the advent of her teacher Miss Sullivan.
 3) Describe Helen Keller's stay at the Perkins Institute for the blind in Boston.
4) Describe Helen Keller's visit to Niagara in 1893 and her visit to the World's Fair with Dr. Alexander Graham Bell.
5) Describe Helen Keller's experience at Radcliffe. Why did she say, BUT COLLEGE IS NOT THE UNIVERSAL ATHENS I THOUGHT IT WAS?
6) Character Sketch and Autobiography of Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, Mildred Keller, Michael Anagnos, Bishop Brooks, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, Mr. Arthur Gilman, Mr. Merton S. Keith, Dr. Edward Everest Hale, Mr.and Mrs. Hutton.
7) Do you get any inspiration after reading THE STORY OF MY LIFE ?
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