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Pyramid is a 3-dimensional shape of a triangle.

The Egyptian Civilization is related to the pyramid where they used to keep the dead bodies on a belief that life after death occurs.
The Pyramid was build by one lakh slaves who worked continunously for 20 years.More than 20 lakh blocks of limestone,each weighting more than 2 tons,were cut and fitted into the shape of a pyramid,whose base was about 755 feet long and pointed top was 481 feet high.It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
The shape pyramid means it has atleast 4 side or 5side (including the base)The base of a pyramid can be many shape like trilateral shape ,quadrilateral shape or polygonal shape . Pyramid is the easy shape to construct because less weight occupys the top from ground,many ancient monument's will be of its shape .The famous monuments constructed in pyramid shape by civilization are mesopotamiya -chogha zanbil/Egyptians- Giza/Mayan-chichen/india- thanjavur/china-xian or jian