On a sunny day there were three teenagers walking along a city street. Their names were Harry, Tom and Jack. They were on their way to the bar. But suddenly Tom saw a bank with fake security cameras. Then Harry thought it was a good bank to rob. So they caught a bus back home and thought of a plan.
Harry wrote a hold up note.
'Give me the money or I will kill you. I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it'. 
Tom got some fake guns and Jack took his mother's car keys so they could have a getaway car.
The next day Harry, Tom and Jack set of to the bank. Harry gave the hold up note to the teller while Tom put one gun in each of his hands and pointed them up at the teller. Jack was round the back of the bank with their getaway car.
The teller said "Fine" and gave the teenagers some. But suddenly an alarm went off because the teller pressed a red button under the desk. Some police came in from every direction. So Tom got his guns and pointed them at the police. Harry ran past a policeman and went to Jack around the back. Then Tom threw his guns up in the air, all the police looked up at the guns and Tom ran the same way around the back as Harry.
When Harry and Tom got to Jack they jumped in the car and raced away.
Harry, Tom and Jack spent a year in Fiji with three million dollars. They bought heaps of ice-cream sundaes and surfboards. But one day a policeman came out from behind a tree and arrested all three teenagers for twenty years.
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