What answers can be given on this prompt you visit a place of historical importance with your friends and come across people who scribble their names and messages on the walls of the monuments.Although you don't take it up with them you are upset by the incident.Discuss with your partner. so how can we create awareness regarding such things and what role students can play to check such actions.



Firstly my reaction to this would be "Is the place in their name. No, right. Why are they doing such a cheap act and spoiling the beauty of the of the place". 

This would not not only spoil the beauty of that place which was built in pre-historic times by the older generations, so that the future generations would know that a great event or a rebellion took place here.

The students can actually help a lot in this issue as they are the present generations and the future citizens. They should firstly be alerted  that the monuments or the places of historical importance are being spoilt and confidence should be filled in them so that they can say to the people who are spoiling them that they are bringing down the national development though they may not contribute anything. They can even make, stick posters or slogans which go against them.

They will think that we Indians do not know anything about our culture how to maintain and again they will try to exploit us on these bases. 

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