We stand as a family bounded in love and respect. The children who live in a joint family are mostly tend to respect elders. There attitude towards teachers there fellow mates is quite different from the child living in a nuclear family. The child learns to love every person equally and also learns moral values from elders or the rituals from there grandparents or old people at home. The child get love of the whole family if his/her parents are working the child does not feel lonely he/she can talk to grandparents uncle aunt or some other cousin at home. The person gets a friendly attitude living with the cousins. The child is bond with love.
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A joint family is said to be the happiest family.the members are always ready to help each other.they treat each other with care.the clidrens are very mannered and obeys and respects their eldders as well as love the youngers.they may have small arguements or fight but they are bound to love and respect each other
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