Nowadays thefts,kidnapping etc are increasing due to increasing demand of the student. As greed always led to misguidance.
As i know these all thefts are mostly done by young people to fulfill there demands which are not fulfilled by there parents as they are not worth it. Kidnapping is too done for the money purpose. In schools the teachers should start a awareness programme for students  to be aware of the pickpockets tjefts happening and if they mislead themselves to it they can be put in juvinial jail for almost 5 years which can destroy there one fourth life. They will not get a good job. 
The parents can help there children by fulfilling there needs not all but which are really important and see where and what do there children do where do tehy go what are there company.
As a society i whould suggest everyone to be aware and if they see such a crime happening they shouldent be quiet and raise voice against it.