AT HOME: always check if the heater switch is switched off after usage,coz its uses a lot of current and the coil sometimes melts off and u have to change a new coil...also make sure if all the electric devices are off when not in use..
                  please dont use your mobile phones when its being charged,because it sometimes bursts..these are the most important safety precautions at home....
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Safety rules at home- 1) We should not trow things here and there.
                                    2) We should not play with fire.
                                    3) We should not play with switch or electric items.
Safety rules at home- 1) We should not run in the corridors.
                                    2) We should walk in line through corridors.
                                    3) We should mentain silence in classroom.
                                    4) We should raise your hand when give answer or ask                                           any question to teacher or sir.
                                    5) We should ask the teacher to go out of the class or                                             come in.
                                    6) we should off  the lights and fans of the before going                                           outside of the classroom