For the past one year Gabriel had been coming to no. one platform.... complete the story with given value points: Gabriel-coming to no.1 platform for 1 year-frantically searching someone from among the passengers alighting from the evening subway-his master never came back-the visit continued-weak and tired,Gabriel made a bench his home-found dead one day.



for the past 1 year Gabriel had been coming to know one platform is so beautiful and green it their for selling its prize is 100,000 rupee .he like the platform and he want to purchase it but he doesn't have sufficient money to pay he have only 80000 money he require 20000 more money for this he need to do hard work now he think to do hard work .he did well job 20 days 1000 per day income his work is to serve food now he get 100000 rupee for purchasing the platform he went and purchase a platform .Gabriel is so happy.
moral - always do hard work to achieve your goals
by-shivanshi barfa
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