When construction of the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada was complete in 1976 it became the tallest tower in the world as well as the tallest free-standing structure. It held both titles until 2010 when the Canton Tower and Buri Khalifa were completed and it lost the claim of the world's tallest free-standing structure. It got the name CN because it was built by the railway company Canadian National. In 1995 it became the property of Canada Lands Company which is a federal corporation held by the crown. It's also referred to as Canada's National Tower and the Canadian National Tower.
The CN tower is the most popular attraction in all of Canada. This is the defining feature of the Toronto skyline. When traveling into Toronto, there is nothing that stands out more than this structure. Towering over everything else, it is a marvel of engineering and the limits that we can push construction to. 
Standing at a towering height of 553.3m or 1,815ft and 5 inches, it is a monster among the other structures in the area. This structure sits in the heart of the city which lies right on the waterfront of Lake Ontario. Along with the SkyDome, and the Hockey Hall of Fame, the CN tower lies on Front Street. This street is the heart of the entertainment district, as well as the direct middle of the city. This makes it accessible extremely easily by car, by train, or from a boat coming across Lake Ontario. The addition of the Fast Ferry which provides non-stop travel from Rochester, NY to Toronto by boat adds to the tourism flowing into the province