Write about any man or woman, who u think have encelledin their lives?

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Vkram Seth was born in Calcutta in 1952 and educated at The Doon School , Dehradun  and Tonbridge School in England . After taking course in Politics,   Philosophy , and Economics - at Corpus Christi College ,Oxford he went to stanford  university to work towards a Ph.D. on  the economic demograhy of China . He is the author of From Heaven Lake an award winning travel book . His collection of poetry are Mappings , The Humble Administrator's Garden which won the Commonwealth Poetry Prize for Asia
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The women who i think inspired at this turn of this centurie is j.k.Rowling .She took a path with a pen and filling blank page with a fiction stories about a young boy wizard in a coffee shop and built one of the top-earning literary franchises ever, inspiring movies that have grossed whooping more than 5 billion dollars. The man who not onely made new era but made a great impact on the world with his word, which made Millon's of follower's still reading and hearing his word as elixir for life even after two thousand years.He principal still dwelling in democracy constitution .Jesus Christ.
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