Traditional Indian GamesTraditional Indian games like Chess and Kabaddi have been played in India since time unknown
Shatranj or Chess 

Chess is perhaps India's oldest and most loved board indoor game. Chess was born in India and has been played in India through centuries. It is revered as an indication of a man's intelligence and strategic capabilitiesKho Kho 

Kho Kho is an immensely popular sport in India. In some parts of India it is even played on a professional level. Kho kho is very popular with children and is often part of the games class in schools. 


Kabaddi too is an indigenous Indian game. It is a team sport and has been played in India since ages. It requires players to be strong and agile, and does not require any equipment or training. 

Gilli Danda or Lippa 

Gilli Danda or Guli Danda is a very popular game among the children of India. It is played all over the country and can be enjoyed for hours together. MostIndian adults would remember having played gilli danda with their friends in the neighbourhood.