Yoga is another word of dyanam .before telling these i am asking you a few words that what is yoga ,what yoga has,what is the relation between our body,our mind and yoga . it is believed that the in early times yoga is done by the [sanyasis] or rhishis or saints.the person who does yoga is called yogi. Hippocratic who is earlier known as the father of[ vaidhyashasthra ] .in his literature he had said that first all we want to tie our mind with our body. he also esure that when our body is affected with any problem it will also affect our mind,and our mind is affected with any problem it will affect our body this is written in [BC 700].Later in 1993 in washinton a doctor deepak chopra had used to study these words . he then asked in meeting that if  mind and body has any relation then why dont we give treatment tour mind first. this become a study for many scientists . then finally these type type of treatment get started . these is first practisen in the patients who is affected with cancers and aids many patients had recover their disease through yoga. americans they started to do soorya namaskara . in which all the bones in our body get exercised by doing sooryanamaskara
i am concluding my words thank you