Wildlife refers us to a lot of animals.many years ago the world was full of animals.they were very yseful as well as very friendly to the days human obly make use of these animals but still they are friendly.we are killing the animals for their skin,tusk and flesh which are very valuable.hey are also the beaty of the wolrd.without them the humans would be in the government are trying their best to presevre hese amazing animals by making special forests to protect them.names o such sanituaries are kaziranga forest,sundarnan and many more.they are not lettin to harm these animals.we must also make contributes in protecting it is not only governments but also ours duty to protect hem.
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All plants and animal species are collectively called Wildlife.It gaves the nature beauty.
What we people are overutilizing it nowadays to meet our own needs.It will really resulted bad.We cut down trees to make medicines, furniture, get land for agriculture and settlement, making other things etc.It leads to loss of forest.No place for habitat of animals.Leads to global warming.Drought occurs.No binding of soil , floods may occur.
So toavoid all these thing, we must save wildlife by making wildlife sanctuaries,Avoid cutting trees.This all can make all happy.
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