These days girls are becoming modern but some of them do not repect their parents as compared to olden days and they have too much crazy about makeup and their clothes .
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there are many differences between the girls of those days and the girls of the days like : 
1. in olden days girls used to do all the household works and now a days girls are studying in the schools and universities.
2. the girls now a days are back of style and fashion but in olden days women used to dress according to their tradition.
3. now a days girls are trying to adopt the western culture in olden days they used to follow their old culture. 
4. in olden days girls used to not study but now they are studying. 
5. the girls mostly  ( only few ) spend all their time by playing some computer games and in olden days the girls used to play some kind of games in which physical involvement is there.
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