Friendship is the best...........You feel 100% comfortable around your friend at all times, in all situations. This is a sign of a true friend. Someone you can hang out with when you're recovering from a cold and sound like an asthmatic old man. Someone you can see without makeup--or without showering. A person you can burp or fart in front of without apologizing.Of course, when you find true love, you may eventually feel 100% comfortable around that person, too. But the courtship phase will most likely be filled with nervousness and uncertainty-- not this level of friendship.Friends are casual with each other. They don't mind showing their bad or grimy side to you. But if your friend loves you, you'll see a lot more effort in their attitude.
it hink both are the best in their plce
Love is the best because friendship is the first step of love.and finally friendship met in the last at the stage of love.that's why, i think love is the best.