There are several consumer forums in the city that addresses issues of Bangaloreans with respect to railways. One such forum Consumer Care Society has shared with us a few problems faced by the consumer or common man on a regular basis:For senior citizens who have to travel in emergency and use Tatkal facility, they are not entitled for concession and are eligible otherwise.Irrespective of the passenger being male or female, the senior citizen concession should be 50 per cent.The charges for the retiring rooms are not uniform. It should be uniform through out India based on the status of the citiesCleanliness in the carriages especially in toilets are not maintained at all. Many a time the fitting is not functional or will be leaking.Linen supplied in the upper class is not washed properly.Food charges were raised to Rs 9. For eg: 3 Chapathis and sabji is being charged Rs 50.For regular office goers from near by cities the punctuality of trains has become causality and often they are forced to apply half day leave.In many trains too much running time is given for short distances which should be cut short so that running time efficiency is measured more effectively