The field and the cloud are lover,
for men may come and men may go but i go on forever
i quech the thirst of one
for should he find us in the glen
and having perhaps the better claimall the world's stage
so i lay in the old dentist's chair
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im really grateful for your answer but i need ten lines

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Beside a green meadow a stream use to flow,
so clear you might see the white pebbles below,
Lo! I have flung to the east and west,
Priceless treasures torn from my breast,
Gathered like pearls in their alien graves,
Silent they sleep by Persian waves,
I wandered lonely as a cloud,
That floats on high over vales and hills,
All must be false that thwart this one great end,
And all of God that mankind or mend.
thankyou if u wouldnt mind would u please give me the name of the different poets and also the name of th poems