It was raining heavily.the street lights gone off and i am alone at my room(in tour)  .you may understand the feeling in the heart . aftersome time i am so feared that some sound is audible to me .after some time it came to know that their is a dog crying and the sound of wolf roaring,this caused me I went to lit up the candle.suddenly i heard a sound of door knocking.i went to open the door wit my heart in danger .after opening i saw that their is no i thought it is my elusination .again the sound came and saw but know one.but one time the sound was loud and i took my bat and opened the door and beat with the bat .but it is my friend sally......... but luckily there was no injury as she escaped from it.
                                 then that late night my friends came.i came to know that my friends are in my side room.............

{you can add anything in this part like
playing truth or dare.. it was a part of the game to frighten me(smthng like dis)}
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