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Ok, well I am completely against this too but here are some of the arguments. 

Education leads to more career opportunities for women and women are taking advantage of them and are waiting longer to have children .the concern is that there will not be enough people working in 50 years to support the retired people. Also more children are being born with physical and mental disabilities because of the older mothers which is an additional strain. You can look up birth rate statistics to support this and search for decreasing birth rate concerns. 

Educating women means there are less jobs available generally and this means more men are unemployed than previously - male unemployment figures will support this. 

A faction of men on here (and some you will be able to find online) say they will not marry career women because they are not how women should be and turn to dating agencies which introduce them to Asian women seeking a traditional lifestyle. 

Girls are currently doing better than boys in all areas of academic study (in the UK girls took the lead for the first time in science and mathematics in 2008 - this may not have happened yet in the USA -look it up?) and this makes boys associate studying with being feminine
The same is true of female college graduates who I was told constitute 62% of all college graduates. You could use these two points to argue that girls being educated causes boys to perform more poorly. 

This is, of course, all rubbish - if we followed this, education would still be the realm of white, Western, middle class boys and men and we have lost out on all the positive consequences of black people, working class people and women in education - these include medicine, cancer treatment, computer technology etc. We need to have everyone having the opportunity for education so that we do not limit our advances and discoveries. These points can be made tho to impress your teacher.
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