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Traffic jam is a common sight in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta etc. This is due to increasing population of the metropolitan cities. People from far off places rush towards big cities to earn as big cities have many options and possibilities for them. Then there are permanent citizens also. So with the human traffic, vehicular traffic also increases. As the standard of living is becoming high everyone wants to purchase his own car. This movement of more and more cars adds fuel to the fire. The result is a traffic jam. The impact of traffic jam is not limited to certain areas only. Moreover public has not proper sense of traffic rules, this also becomes a reason for traffic jams. In big cities there are processions, agitations and demonstrations also. When they disturb the traffic there is a traffic jam for hours. See how much time, money and petrol or diesel is wasted. Then there are traffic signals at short distances. But one takes these things as the gifts of big cities
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Traffic jam is a long line of vehicles in which many vehicles get stuck in jam. It is one of the major problems of city life. It occurs in big cities and towns. There are many causes of traffic jam. The main cause of traffic jam is the narrowness of roads in proportion to the large number of vehicles. Our vehicles have increased but our roads have not increased. The numbers of unlicensed vehicles are increasing day by day. The drivers have little knowledge about traffic rules. The number of traffic police is insufficient. Parking here and there and overtaking tendency are also the cause of occurring traffic jam. It brings great suffering to us. It kills our valuable time. We can not reach school, college, office and hospital in time. Sometimes ambulance and fire brigade can not go hurry up due to traffic jam. However, this problem should be solved. The number of roads should be increased. Sufficient traffic police should be posted in important places. Traffic rules should also be imposed with an iron hand. Unlicensed vehicles should be removed. Drivers have to be conscious about traffic rules and regulations.