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Thallophyta (Algae):

1. They are mostly aquatic.
2 The thallus consists of a single cell to well developed uniseriate or branched filaments.
3. There is no or ill defined tissue differenti­ation
4. In each cell one or few chloropasts are present. In other cases instead of chloroplasts, the chromatophores are present.
5. The stomata or pores are not present


1. Mostly terrestrial and prefer damp and shady places.
2. The thalles is not filamentous except in protonema stage. It is made up of parenchymatous cells.
3. There is well defined tissue differenti­ation.
4. In each chlorophyllous cell many well developed chloroplasts are present.
5. The pores or stomata are present.
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Thallophyta -  A primary division of the plant kingdom that consists of plants with single-celled sex organs or with many-celled sex organs of which all cells give rise to gametes, that is now commonly considered to be a heterogeneous assemblage, and that when recognized comprises the Algae and Fungi.

Bryophyta - 
a division of small flowerless green plants which comprises the mosses and liverworts. They lack true roots and reproduce by spores released from a stalked capsule.
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