can you give me a intersting introduction on travel and tourism
opps i shall try ..... traveling is the thing which i like the most... my father is a business man n he always need to go to different kinds of places n he definitely takes u guys dont b jealous... (by saying all u shw ur expressions n try to use ur hands... ur hands , throw of voice n ur face will shw the reality n make the listeners feel interest in u ) thz enough shobit.......
try to communicate wid the audience ur communication matters n u mst hv a vry gud voice modulation.... hope it hlpz.... gud nyt if u need nyting more u say
bye swtty n all da bst....
u dont need to post ur question u ask mere here itself......


First tell your name ,standard, then tell your topic name and start your presentation
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pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mark as brainlist
your welcome
First u need to tell your name
then which standard
your topic name
and then you start your topic
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