It is upto the parent's an teacher's to develop good habit's in young children. Teaching them good manner's will make them understand between waht is right and what is wrong. However, children of a very small age would find it difficult to make their own decision's, and therefore, there must always be a parent or a teacher, or any other grown-up to support and help the child. Also, ensuring that the surrounding's in which the child live's is good and safe is also important. Living in a good environment will positively affect the child's mind, and, similarly, they should be stopped from doing wrong. Here, we can see that young children do not have the thinking capacity to think on their own of what to do next. They may do something wrong, and can we blame them? How can they know whether it was good or bad? So it is the duty of a parent or a teacher to teach good moral lessons, values and manners to their children/students. Making the child practice good deeds at a young age will certainly help them in improving themselves when they grow older. ~I hope this helped! Thankyou!~✌️
Apart frm building gud habit, first of all we hav to wipe out bad habits in children. we adults are the role models of children. So, i can only advise them, only if i had done anything gud in my life. Children mold our future nation. Today's children are the citizens of tomorrow. So first we Adults hav to behave. Nd then try to walk children on a right path.
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