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What happens when we connect a voltmeter in a series and an ammeter in a parallel to the supply? Will both be damaged or not? Or will only the ammeter or voltmeter be damaged? 12 Followers 15,536 Views Last Asked 30 Dec 2014 13 ANSWERS Loring Chien Loring Chien, electrical engineer for 40 years 10.3k Views • Loring is a Most Viewed Writer in Electronics with 1,570+ answers. my question is that suppose we connect ammeter in parallel and voltmeter in series with power supply then what happens? If there's no load, just a PS and the two meters parallel and series sort of don't have meaning. You can either connect both meters across the power supply or you can make a circle where one lead of the power supply i connected to one lea d of the ameter and one lead of the ammeter is connected to the voltmeter and one lead of the voltmeter is connected to the other lead of the power supply. Connecting an ammeter directly across the power supply will cause the power supply to behave as if a short were placed on the supply. And that depends upon the power supply design, but in most cases I would expect maximum power supply current to flow and the power supply to be in self protection mode at that point. What hapens to the meter depends ont eh nominal meter range. If its less than the power supply current then it will be OK, otherwise it might be damaged, have the needle mechanically bent or damaged and perhaps blow a fuse if it has one. The voltmeter, if you connect it across the power supply will show only the voltage, if you place it chained with the ammeter as I described then it will show the power supply voltage and the ammeter will show zero.
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