We all know that food is not to be wasted. There are some people all over the world who do not get food like us daily, and so, it is a sign of disrespect when we throw out good food. There are even poor kids who eat food out of garbage, when they starve! Would you like to do that? No, right? We must not feel selfish. We have to be satisfied with the food we get, as the poor people may be only getting a very small portion of the food we eat. Also, God gave us food to eat, and not to put into waste. By eating our food with respect, we show our thanks to our Lord, who gives us food everyday. Throwing food in the dustbin is really not a good habit, as we are wasting precious food! Those who throw out food like that dk not understand the value food has! You agree that food has some value, right? Can we live without food? No! So, such actions should be stopped. Furthermore, teachers and parents must restrict their students/children from doing this. We must all show respect to the food we eat! ❤️Hope this answer is helpful! Thanks!❤️
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Sorry for my spelling error. I meant "do" not "dk". Sorry.
it's ok, and i am very thankfull to you for this help.
Your welcome! Mark as brainliest of you wish. Im glad I was of help!