WHILE Harry Houdini prided himself on leaving audiences from around the world mystified at his illusions and escapes, modern science has revealed how he accomplished many of his spectacles of grandeur.Time doesn’t always shed light on unexplained mysteries, though.Consider the 5-tonne statues that dot remote Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or 5,000-year-old coins that have been found buried in the United States. Such oddities continue to baffle modern science as experts continue — to date in vain — to search for rational explanations to the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries, which are as confounding as they are exhilarating.
Future is indeed in hands of science. Yes, i knw science hav no hands. I meant that. Now a days science hav a lion share in contributing each and every sector in building a nation. Science often proves things that we claim impossible as possible. So science makes wonders. So science is the key to all mysteries