1. In what way is the forest pool different from the one which Ranji knew in the Rajputana desert?Answer: The pool which Ranji was familiar with in the Rajputana desert was a full of muddy water. It was the favourite watering hole for buffaloes and the washboard for women. It was filthy at its best.The forest pool was having crystal clear water and one could see the pebbles at the bottom of the pool.2. The other boy asked Ranji to ‘explain’ himself.(i) What did he expect Ranji to say?(ii) Was he, in your opinion, right or wrong to ask this question?Answer: The other boy expected Ranji to confirm that Ranji was from some nearby village. Asking identity of strangers is not a bad thing, but the way the other boy was asking it was part of ill manners. One cannot claim ownership on public places.3. Between Ranji and the other boy, who is trying to start a quarrel? Give a reason for your answer.Answer: When the other boy arrived at the scene Ranji wanted to make friends with him. It was the other boy who insisted on fighting to prove his fiefdom on the pool
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