Planets - the word is derieved from a Greek word meaning wanderers....they are large masses of rocks,liquids and/ or gases...mostly as large as Earth or more. masses of objects smaller than them are classified as Dwarf planets or other terms such as asteroids or...
 planets spin on their axises and revolve around their respective stars like our sun...Planets don't have any uses as of now...but researches are going in trying to bring out benifit from their trying to extract the rich minerals and metals or making them suitable places where the mankind can inhabit.... 

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Planets are heavenly bodies present in the Universe which do not have light of their own but reflect the light from the sun and revolve around the sun in their fixed orbits.
Examples: Mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus.
Planets have their uses in the space research technologies & also in astrology.