Supp guys. For 11th i have choosen to take science. phy .chem. maths are mandatory.. but for bio and comp sci there is an opt. WHZ WILL B BETTER IN FUTURE BIO OR COMP SCI? AND PLS MENTION THE BENIFIT OF CHOOSING THE SUB.? PLS HELP ME OUT GUYS ..M CONFUSED

and if u wnt to become doctor then bio is must.Bio is bit difficult but easy to score and get marks.Dont think of bio in 12 think it in terms of entrance exam which u wil give in order to get a college
wht did u take??
dude if you wanna become a doctor just go for it
don't take advice from people who will be unaffected by the outcome.. 
If you already want to become a doctor. There is no point in asking anyone else about it or making any more decisions.. If you are just interested in bio stuff, it wont be difficult for you.


Computer science as technology is rising fast, we need more computer scientists, general bio knowledge would be OK for the future, personally, i think robots will handle that... ;)
It depends on your interest .what you feel to become Its not like that on others choice you will.see in bio basically you will get knowledge related to plants and animals.In case of computer science you will have hardware as well as software and in it you will most get software