You are the chief accountant for an Import Export Agency. You have seen an
advertisement for a short training course about a new financial management
programme. Write a memo to your boss to include: 10
i Your request to join the course
ii Some details of the course
iii Why do you think the course will be useful to you and to your company?



Respected sir,
I recently came across an advertisement for a course on financial management. so I am writing to you seeking permission to join the course. The duration of the course and its details is attached with the letter. This course can be useful for me as well as our company as it deals with the financial management and I being the chief accountant of our firm have to be more competent to seek different avenues for the better future of our company. I think this course can help me to get more command over the financial matters. of the company and also once I m done through the course we could arrange the SME cours in-house to literate the employee working under me in the account section. which could prove beneficial for the future of company.
sir hope you would consider my request .thank you
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