Stereotyping Jews??? What else??
Nazi's racial ideology is based on Eugenics. Eugenics was a popular belief system in the 1920's and 1930's not just in Germany proper but England and the U.S. Eugenics teaches a form of racial evolution and is based on the work of Charles Darwin. The basics of it from the Nazi's view was that all the races of man evolved differently, That the Nordic races of which many Germans descended from were the highest evolution of mankind. And to have relations with other lower races such as Jews, Africans, Slavic's etc was considered a Criminal act. It was In Adolf Hitlers own words Racial blood poisoning. The Nazi's had a very Nature based view on life and society as a whole. The strong and intelligent should breed more offspring while the weak and sick and diseased should be banned from producing children so that Germany only had the best offspring. Politics were also viewed in that same light. Country's that seemed week or were passive towards the Nazi regime were quickly swallowed or invaded and any undesirable people were moved into labor camps or deported into ghetto's