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SOVEREIGN : It means that India has its own supreme power and not a subject of any other state or country.
SOCIALIST : It is the stress to need to strive for socialism in implying equitable distribution of national income to all section of people.
SECULAR : It is to imply that all religions command equal respect and recognition from the state.
DEMOCRATIC : It is to imply that India has chosen a form of government in which people have a say as to who should hold power and how it should be used.
REPUBLIC : It refers to a state in which power is held by people through their elected representatives.

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This statement means india is a country which is free to conduct her internal as well as external affairs , govt. should run  to establish awelfare society and is a country in which people can follow any religion  . it is acountry in which people enjoy equal political rights and the head of the country is directly or indirectly elected by the people.
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