The Ambition Of The Greatest Men Of Our Generation Has Been To Wipe Every Tear From Every Eye. That May Be Beyond Us, But As Long As There Are Tears And Suffering, So Long Our Work Will Not Be Over.

And So We Have To Labour And To Work, And To Work Hard, To Give Reality To Our Dreams. Those Dreams Are For India, But They Are Also For The World, For All The Nations And Peoples Are Too Closely Knit Together Today For Any One Of Them To Imagine That It Can Live Apart. Peace Is Said To Be Indivisible, So Is Freedom, So Is Prosperity Now, And Also Is Disaster In This One World That Can No Longer Be Split Into Isolated Fragments.

To The People Of India, Whose Representatives We Are, We Make An Appeal To Join Us With Faith And Confidence In This Great Adventure. This Is No Time For Petty And Destructive Criticism, No Time For Ill-Will Or Blaming Others. We Have To Build The Noble Mansion Of Free India Where All Her Children May Dwell.

The Appointed Day Has Come -The Day Appointed By Destiny And India Stands Forth Again, After Long Slumber And Struggle, Awake, Vital, Free And Independent. The Past Clings On To Us Still In Some Measure And We Have To Do Much Before We Redeem The Pledges We Have So Often Taken. Yet The Turning Point Is Past, And History Begins Anew For Us, The History Which We Shall Live And Act And Others Will Write About.

To The Nations And Peoples Of The World We Send Greetings And Pledge Ourselves To Cooperate With Them In Furthering Peace, Freedom And Democracy.

And To India, Our much loved Motherland, The Ancient, The Eternal And The Ever New, We Pay Our Reverent Homage And We Bind Ourselves Afresh To Her Service.

I hope this was the most inspiring speech by Nehru ^_^