Abraham lincoln:
Abraham Lincoln overcame many setbacks to become the most influential American President. In his famous Gettysburg speech, he inspired the nation with his noble words and helped to bring about the abolishment of slavery.

jesus christ:
Prophet and inspiration of Christianity. Taught a message of love, forgiveness and faith. Born in a turbulent period of Roman rule, after his crucifixion, his message inspired millions around the world.

nelson mandela:
Campaigned for justice and freedom in his South Africa. Spent 20 years in jail for his opposition to apartheid. On release he healed the wounds of apartheid by his magnanimous attitude to his former political enemies.
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What history they created
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Sachin Tendulkar.
APJ. Abdul Kalam.
what history they created
Gandhi kicked off the white. Sachin more runs scored any human in cricket history . APJ Missle man.