On basis on raw materials industries are classified into - . Agro based industries . Forest based industries . Pastrol based industries . Mineral based industries . Marine based industries.
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On the basis of source of raw materials, industries are classified into four. They are,
1. Agro - based industries :-
The industries which are use agriculture produce as their raw material are called as agro - based industries.
eg : food processing, vegetable oil, cotton textile, dairy products, leather, fruit pulp, juice, pickle and spices.

2. Mineral - based industries :
These industries are those which get raw material from minerals like iron and steel and cement industries.
Iron made from iron ore is the product of mineral based industry. This is used as raw material for the manufacturer of a number of other products, such as heavy machinery, building materials and railway coaches.

3. Pastoral - based industries :
These are depend upon animals for their raw material. Hides, skins, shoes, dairy, etc., are some of the pastoral - based industries.

4. Forest - based industries :
The industries which use forests as their raw material are called as forest - based industries.
Paper, plywood, rayon, bamboo, resin, honey, making eating plates from leaves, coir industries, furniture, are the example of forest based industries.
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