What are differences between sanctuary, national parks and biosphere reserves? Each is larger than the other: sanctuary is a protected place of sufficient but not substantial dimensions; a national park is far more extensive and designed to provide a replica of a natural surrounding; a biosphere is a an extent of the earth and atmosphere where living organisms exist.

Micro-organisms are the minute living organisms which are not visible to the naked eye. They can be seen under an electron microscope or an ordinary microscope. They are prokaryotic i.e. they do not have a well defined nucleus which don't have the nuclear membrane and they lack cell organelles as compared to the eukaryotes. They loco-mote with the means of flagella or pseudopodia.  

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National park is a land declared by Government for the preservation of the natural habitat. It is a public property.
Biosphere reserve is a special land which is used for scientific researches and is well protected. It is not a public property.
Micro-organisms are the minute organisms which are not visible to the naked eyes.