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India stretches from 8°4' N to 37°6' N latitude and from 68°8' E to 97°25' E longitude.
India lies wholly in the northern and eastern hemispheres. The main land of India extends from 8o 4 ' 28" N to 37o 17 ' 53" N latitudes and from 68o 7 ' 53" E to 97o 24 ' 47" E longitudes. The latitudinal and longitudinal extent of India is approximately the same i.e. 30o. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands extend further southwards and add to the latitudinal extent of India. The southernmost point known as the Indira Point in the Great Nicobar Island is at 6o 45 ' N. The latitudinal extent of India from Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south is 3,214 km. India 's longitudinal extent from the Rann of Kutch in the west to Arunachal Pradesh in the east is 2,933 km.