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How to finish what faster? studies, getting ready, solving homework, eating lunch?
It will generally depend on what it is.
1) Look to do most important part of the activity quickly and without losing
   concentration. Identify what is necessary and what is not for the moment. Drop
   the unimportant parts and complete the activity.
2) Practice the activity with the aim of doing it quicker. In a few days you will be
3) Manage yourself in such a way that you do only most important activities, which
   are required to be done. What is not required to do, do not do.
4) do not engage in any thing that diverts your attention while you are doing your
     activity.  Do not think of some other thing or turn your head/neck. Focus only on
   the most important activities.
5) if you are doing some actions in a sequence, adjust your sequence such that
   when you try to do some action, that part can be done without having to wait.
   Reduce WAITING time for something to be ready.

Fix time for specific works
Concentrate on works
Keep an eye on time
Make sure you will finish work in time you fixed
Try to do fast
Avoid laziness