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 \frac{27 ^{3} + 54^{3}  }{85 ^{3} + 95 ^{3}  } = X³
 \frac{19683 + 157464}{614125+857375}
⇒ 0.120

Now equating,
X³ = 0.120
X = ∛0.120
X = 0.493
shravani dont mind that this question was from bank paper there will be a simple logic rather than putting value nd solving .:P
The way i could solve i have done it..!! I have seen the comments.. This is the only way i know right now.
Thanks for ur help even if u know the shortcut method for cube ...thats not going to help to solve this within stipulated tym...there must be some logic which is yet to be found...and dats where i stuck..As all the bank exams are online you have to solve almost the whole paper with mental calculation as you will not have any tym to write the problem on a paper and solve it...Thakx N E WYZ