There are 3 types of pollution. They are:-Air Pollution, Noise Pollution and Water Pollution. 1-AIR POLLUTION~It can be caused due to several reasons. The smoke coming out of industries can affect the atmosphere, and hence cause Air Pollution. Also, the gases that come out of vehicles can cause harm to the atmosphere, and therefore polluting it. When we inhale such kinds of gases, it enters our body, and causes bad effects on our health. Therfore, we must not pollute the air that we breathe. 2-NOISE POLLUTION~The loud sound from speakers, loudspeakers, or the sound of vehicles can cause noise pollution. All this kind of noise can effect our ears and they are a great disturbance for us. Therfore, we must stop causing noise pollution. WATER POLLUTION~There can be many causes towards water pollution. Bathing animals in rivers or streams, disposing waste materials in rivers or streams, industries disposing off industrial wastes to water, etc. can all cause water pollution. This, in turn, effects our health, as dirty water is not good to consume. Therefore, we must save our water. I hope this helps, thanks!
1.from industrial wastes
3.fossil fuel
4.throwing garbage on bank of river
etc .
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