Name the organelles which show the analogy written as under

(a) Transporting channels of the cell——
(b) Power house of the cell——
(c) Packaging and dispatching unit of the cell——
(d) Digestive bag of the cell——
(e) Storage sacs of the cell——
(f) Kitchen of the cell——
(g) Control room of the cell——



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B-power house- mitochoundria
a-cell membrane
c-golgi bodies
g-endoplasmic reticulum

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Transporting channel of the cell -- cell membrane
power house of the cell -- mitochondria 
Packaging and dispatching unit of the cell -- Golgi complex
digestive bag or suicidal bag -- lysosomes
storage sac of the. Cell -- vacuole
kitchen of the cell -- chloroplast
control room of the cell -- nucleus
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