Money is an imp tool in our lives and gives us a better life and it can bring great comfort in our life.
without money we do not have accommodation,food & clothes which are considered the basic necessities. If u have money u have more control over ur life & itd make u feel more secure
without money its hard to do thing u want and even more difficult do the things u need.
Things will become important for us if we think they are important. Money is the basic thing which we always think of it. If a person want to achieve something in his life, it will start with a process of thinking and in that process, he plans everything to achieve it. Money makes this 'Everything' easy. Everyone wants to be in a comfort zone, in order to be in that, money is necessary. We should not think about how to earn but we should think about how to do the work which we always wanted to do then Money will come to us.